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Flexible price energy procurement - energy purchasing

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Flexible Energy Purchasing

Flexible energy purchasing (whether it be of electricity, gas or renewables) puts you in control of your energy procurement. You decide how much energy to buy (or sell) and when to do so, enabling you to take advantage of wholesale price fluctuations.

Flexible energy contracts are becoming increasingly popular as businesses with large energy usage move to take control of their energy strategy. 

What are the key benefits of flexible energy purchasing?

  • Take advantage of fluctuating market prices
  • Spread risk over multiple purchase points, rather than gambling on a single price point (as is the case with fixed price energy contracts)
  • Gain full control of your energy purchasing decisions, while benefiting from the help and ongoing support of our senior energy account managers

What we do for you

  • Give you direct access to dedicated senior account managers
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports to show trends in the market
  • Reports to show how your purchases compare to previous market prices
  • Online management tools to help your analysis
  • Enable you to buy / sell electricity when the market is favourable
  • Automate purchasing according to pre-defined criteria
  • Spread purchasing decisions = spread risk

We help our clients build a bespoke risk strategy tailored to their organisation’s specific needs. Flexible energy portfolios are carefully constructed to attain a desired degree of certainty, along with the ability to react when energy prices are favourable. Energy contracts can be secured on a monthly, quarterly or more long-term basis – a combination of these options often provides optimum benefit for our clients.

Our advanced Optimum EnergyPlus software includes a dedicated energy procurement module, Optimum EnergyTrader, designed to boost our clients’ energy procurement capability. Optimum EnergyTrader dials directly into the national grids of deregulated energy markets around the world, providing the ability to track live energy commodity pricing - helping to secure ‘best market’ pricing for our customers.

Purchasing decisions can be automated according to pre-determined trigger points - for example, if wholesale costs fall below a certain price point or if pricing falls a certain percentage below calculated market trends.



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