The most common reason companies decide to switch energy supplier is…. You guessed it, to save money. Then after that, elements like service, how responsive they are, how accurate they are with billing are contributing factors, but the price is typically the main reason.

So then, should you just accept the renewal price from your incumbent supplier? After all, you chose them on the last contract renewal date so ask them for their best price. If only it were that simple.

Here are our 6 reasons you should find a trusted and reputable energy consultant (broker) to help you switch energy supplier

Number 1: Direct full-market knowledge and access.

We have access to the full market at all times. This means we can get the array of prices side-by-side from each supplier based on your requirements. This transparency from the suppliers improves the competitive advantage for energy consultants and brokers like us to source the best deal for you.
The energy market gets a bad reputation because many companies are told about fluctuating prices and variations from day to day. Well, this is a fact as energy is a commodity and prices change by the minute due to volatility.

So only dealing directly with one supplier can mean you’re at the mercy of what you’re being told by that single supplier rather than assessing the entire market and buying energy at the most suitable time in any circumstance.

A good energy consultancy will take into account the companies specific requirements. This means the consultancy can assess the market and help you understand which offer is the most valuable to you. Perhaps you’re looking for budget certainty so a fixed-rate contract would be most suitable. However, if a sudden spike in price occurred, any consultancy should suggest a long fixed-term contract wouldn’t be the best solution at that specific time.

As energy is a commodity, and nobody has a crystal ball. The truth is, making a decision based on the market isn’t something most companies are educated or informed enough to do accurately. This is why having full market knowledge and access to the suppliers at all times helps guide considerations when deciding on energy deals and their terms for your business.

IMPORTANT: An energy consultant should never sign a deal on your behalf. Our role as your commercial partner in energy is to help you select a new energy contract based on your specific requirements but allowing you to make the final decision based on what we have sourced, specific to your businesses requirements.

Number 2: Saving time, reducing frustration.

Saving time and minimising frustration are two of the key drivers’ companies have for choosing to use an energy consultant.

In most businesses, those who have taken the responsibility of selecting the right energy contract also have their main job. Typically, the responsibility is handed to finance or operations and even facilities managers. All of which don’t usually have the time, market knowledge, understanding or experience in handling energy contracts effectively. And they shouldn’t do. Energy is a complex and rapidly changing industry, coupled with the fact that most companies only look at this every few years means there is no way to fully grasp it and make the best choices.

We say, don’t allow your lack of time and frustration to push you to make the wrong decision for your business. It can cost you from day one.

Proper energy consultancies will ensure a smooth switch over, handle the billing information and remove the stress associated with energy and switching.

Number 3: Clarity gives certainty. And energy contracts, rates and terms & conditions can be anything but clear.

I don’t believe it’s made confusing on purpose, but each supplier likes to package their prices in different ways. This can give the impression of a low unit rate, which looks attractive initially but then blurs the offer by making some taxes, clauses and conditions of the contract much less appealing.

Clarity gives certainty. This is why we remove the industry babble and present you with all of the suitable options and explain what each element mean to you and your business.

Number 4: Personalisation.

When looking at a new contract for your business, how does a typical energy supplier decide on your usage? Well, quite simply, based on historical data. In a lot of cases, this can be fine. However, with the emphasis on energy reduction, lowering carbon emissions, and replacing old inefficient technologies with new. Energy usages over periods can wildly vary based on businesses growth plans, asset replacement plans and even environmental policies and procedures.

In simple terms, what was suitable for the last 36 months, may not be going forward.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say your business typically uses 1 GW of electricity over a year and has done for as long as your production has been in operation.

Now, the company has been reviewing its stance on carbon and becoming more environmentally friendly. One of the actions is that the business will swap all 70 company cars to electric, and provide EV chargers in the car park for each one.

This can make a 1GW usage business to 1.5GW quite easily.

These significant variations can become an issue. Perhaps you have caveats in your contract about peak load times, total annual volume limitations, all of which can bite you if your usage dramatically changes.

Also, as an energy consultancy that has full market access, we can help you procure energy that comes from 100% renewable sources. The majority of suppliers can’t offer this. However, within the market, there are some more specialist suppliers which can guarantee this. Switching to 100% renewable sources from the main supply is a great way to fill your environmental and carbon obligations. Suppliers who don’t offer this, certainly won’t tell you about it.

Personalisation from a consultancy that understands energy, as well as the contributing business factors that change how we use energy, is a vital piece in the procurement puzzle.

Number 5: Contract management

Even with a single site, the management of the energy contract can be a job no one wants to do. But, not managed correctly, is a costly oversight.

In all cases the level of contract management we offer for clients ensures:

You never roll to out-of-contract rates

  • You’ll know your exit and contract cancellation timeframes
  • Multi-sites are brought inline for billing and management purposes
  • Billing queries handled

And so much more to remove the frustration from you and your business and allow you to do what you do best.

Number 6: Energy Management and Audits

This element is more focused on Optimum Energy Group, but others in the UK may have similar in-house expertise and offering.

The first part, energy management includes things like energy monitoring and MOP contracts. Typically, you will find that several energy consultancies in the UK can help you with this, we can too.

Next is the element of hands-on energy management and production audits. In-house we have the experience and expertise to help you operate your business more efficiently, thus saving money and reducing carbon.

The vast majority of businesses waste energy, simply by not understanding how buildings should and can operate without affecting the comfort and productivity of their personnel or, the main business production.

Our 9 step carbon reduction framework audit is unique to Optimum Energy Group. This is the first step we take with companies who are taking action towards becoming net zero. These businesses want to understand what they are using, how this can be reduced operationally and then with technology, modelling the business to become Net-Zero.