Earlier this months The Daily Telegraph reported the UK government saying they are set to announce “within weeks” that “electricity bills could be slashed to persuade homeowners to abandon gas boilers by 2035 under green plans”.

It also adds: “Nearly a quarter of consumers’ bills currently cover taxes to pay for policies, including subsidies for renewable energy and fuel vouchers for poorer households. Ministers believe these additional costs are acting as a major barrier to get people to heat their homes on low carbon electricity alternatives such as heat pumps, at a time when gas prices are lower. The government wants heat pumps to replace 600,000 gas boilers every year from 2028, and will announce that costs will be removed from electricity in the coming years in its upcoming heat and buildings strategy…A consultation announced in the strategy will decide how much of the 23% of policy costs will be removed from electricity, and how the £10bn they bring in will be recouped by the Treasury. Options to recover the costs include transferring the levies directly to gas bills, or adding them to general taxation, but the government is likely to be wary of any policy that increases taxes or drives up fuel bills.”

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Optimum’s View

As the green narrative accelerates, talk about “renewables, green and carbon” is on everyone’s mind. The need to take a giant leap into a sustainable future can feel like we need to make a huge shift in technology. When, in fact. We, the UK regularly and consistently produces a large portion of electricity from Solar, Wind and other renewable sources. We believe the UK’s transition to “Green” will be lead electrically.

Electric home heating, called heat pumps, electric vehicles, electric ….. well, everything. Our future depends upon it.