In the news today it has been reported that EON is to pay 1.6 million customers nearly £650,000 as they were overcharged over the Christmas period.

This was an IT error that meant the 1.6 million affected customers who should have paid their bills at the beginning of January. Instead had their direct debits come out on Christmas Eve. Not a nice present from Santa.

On the face of it, this is a shocking find. However, the error was self-reported by E.ON to Ofgem highlighting this oversight. Additionally, EON is sending affected customers goodwill compensation payments as well as paying £627,312 into Ofgem’s energy redress fund which helps vulnerable customers.

The director of retail at Ofgem Anna Rossington, said: “Ofgem expects suppliers to adhere to the terms of contracts they have with customers, in particular, the agreed direct debit payment dates.

“This failure is a reminder to suppliers that when making changes to their systems, they need to undertake appropriate checks to avoid any unintended consequences for customers.

“Ofgem is always prepared to work with suppliers who have failed to comply with their obligations, but who have self-reported and are determined to put things right, as E.on has done.”

Looking back at various news articles, it’s clear that errors in billing are far more common than anyone would hope for. This isn’t just in the domestic energy market, but it also affects commercial customers too. The errors and variability in billing can be quite dramatic. This is a major reason so many Optimum Energy Group customer opts for our bill validation services. We can find errors quickly, saving thousands of pounds from being spent unnecessarily.