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8th September 2021

The rise of wholesale gas prices … what’s behind the saga.

Rising gas prices are continuing to cause havoc to wholesale energy prices. While traditionally at this time year, prices would be at their lowest because of lower demand, Summer 2021 has seen some of the highest prices ever recorded.
With gas accounting for 40% of the UK power generation mix, increases are feeding through into the equivalent power markets. Industry commentators Cornwall Insight discuss the key drivers for this.

August 18th 2021

Industry responds to government’s Hydrogen Strategy:

The government has set out plans to create a ‘thriving’ low carbon hydrogen sector in the UK over the next decade – but what does the energy industry think?

July 21st 2021

Water: Business Retail Market, Bilateral Transactions update.

The Bilateral Transactions Programme aims to make transactions and communication simpler, quicker and more reliable between Wholesalers and Retailers in the non-household market and is a key priority for Ofwat. Ofwat are to consider changes to a suite of more than 20 code documents and anticipate making a decision by 30th July 2021.

July 19th 2021

Oil producing nations agree deal to control prices.

Oil producing nations have agreed to increase their output, with the aim of reducing prices and easing pressure on the world economy.
The Opec cartel and partners such as Russia will boost supply from August after prices climbed to two-and-half-year highs during the pandemic.

Gas winter 2020/21 review.

July 10th, 2021
Increasing variability puts pressure on compressor fleet National Grid Gas (NGG) saw a different winter in 2020/21 than it had forecast, according to its Gas Winter Review and Consultation. The gas grid operator expected the trends of recent years to continue, forecasting that use of LNG would continue to increase. In fact, LNG imports fell to 8.9 bcm, compared with 13.4 bcm in 2019/20. This was because cold weather in Asia increased LNG prices in that region, so LNG cargoes were sold in that market.

The largest-ever home energy flexibility trial will include EVs and heat pumps in 25k households.

July 8th, 2021
Over 25,000 households are set to take part in the UK’s largest-ever home energy flexibility study. CrowdFlex, funded as a Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) project via National Grid ESO and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will include Octopus Energy and intelligent charging company Ohme.

Government announces new water-saving measures to safeguard water supplies in England.

July 7th, 2021
The Government has today announced (1st July) new water-saving measures to safeguard supplies, encourage water-efficient products and introduce a more consistent approach to leakage; seven new areas in the South, East and the Midlands have also been designated as in serious water stress.

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